Free Quote

Hello and Welcome to our FREE QUOTE page! Please read the entire page thoroughly before completing the form. Directly below we have listed the main requirements that are a MUST:

Image Accepted only ( JPEG , PNG )

Note : To Upload Multiple Image's. Please use Ctrl(or)Shift + Mouse Click. You can upload upto 15 MB.

  • We do not do aluminum or die cast
  • Magnet has to stick to the part(s) to be rechromed
  • Part(s) cannot be rusted all the way through
  • Part(s) must be completely stripped down (remove all moldings, clips, bolts, etc.)
  • A 50 percent deposit is required in order to start processing your part

Instructions for Free Quote

The instructions below are for completing your free quote only. Please follow the instructions step by step.

  • Completely strip down the part(s) (remove all moldings, clips, bolts, etc.)
  • Take pictures of part(s) from all angles and make sure the pictures are good quality (clear)
  • Fill out the form and attach your photos as a JPEG or PNG
  • Submit!


As mentioned in the requirements above, a 50 percent deposit is mandatory in order to start processing your part. Micro has provided you with our updated re-chrome pricing book. This book contains the starting price for basic re-chroming. Any other additional work could potentially increase your price. Customers find this pricing book to be very helpful to use before taking the time to fill out the form. This way you can see if it is in the price range you are hoping for. This special feature helps save you time and money!

Instructions for Shipping

The instructions below are for customers who have chosen us as their professional re-chroming partner. Please ensure that you follow the instructions step by step.

  • Read the entire page
  • Strip part(s) down completely (remove all moldings, clips, bolts, etc.)
  • Include a packaging list with each shipment including your name, contact information, and a detailed list of the part(s)
  • Follow Shipping Tips listed below when packaging your part(s)
  • Please send your part(s) to our chroming facility, Hajjar Plating at 38300 Van Born Wayne, MI 48184

Once your part has been received we will provide you with a confirmation of the part(s) we received, cost and an estimated completion time prior to starting the job.

Shipping Tips

Here at Micro, we want to ensure that your part(s) arrive safely and without any damage. We are not responsible for any damages to your part(s) in the shipping process. Below we have listed some very helpful tips to protect your part(s) from any damages.

  • Place SMALL items in a separate bag
  • Place LONGER items in a tube
  • Make sure all part(s) are properly listed and labeled

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff members at we will get back to you as soon as we can!