About Chrome

Micro Platers full-service custom chrome plating plant is located in Wayne, Michigan. Micro’s reputation for exceptional quality work and superior service is something that our customers can always count on. Our chrome professionals take great pride in perfecting each and every part. With our professionals 70+ years of experience, they have set the bar extremely high for expectations on quality and service. Micro Platers chrome plating process involves utilizing our triple step process by applying semi-bright, bright, and dura night with hexavalent decorative chrome to all parts. Being a Michigan based company we know all too well how weather can affect metals, which is why we also use corrosion protection for the pieces that are exposed to environmental factors that could ruin the showroom chrome finish. We have knowledgeable experts on metals and the plating process that have been exposed to every imaginable element that causes rusting and pitting.

Micro Platers initially began straightening, metal finishing, polishing and plating bumpers for vehicles. Today we chrome plate automotive, furniture, show vehicles, jewelry, slot machines, etc. If you name it, we can chrome it. With our special free quote offer, you’ll know for sure if your item can be serviced based on its condition. This special ability saves you time and money! Visit our free quote tab today to learn more.