Micro Auto Group Inc. Timeline

1948 Micro Platers Inc. was founded by Paul Thompson and brothers Roy and Howard Hicks.

1949 Paul Thompson, a chemist, creates a process to barrel plate small parts in batch and sells his process to other platers.

1952 Paul Thompson loses his life trying to develop a process to chrome plate aluminum but instead creates a cyanide gas.

1953 Micro Platers moves plant from Detroit to Highland Park, MI right across from the Henry Ford Model T plant.

1970 Car manufacturers move towards urethane fascias.

1975 Micro Platers begins repairing damaged OEM fascias for the collision industry.

1976 Micro Platers expands product line to include aftermarket fascias.

1978 Roy retires leaving the family business to his brother Howard Sr.

1980 Howard Sr children Tammy, John, Kimberly and Howard Jr all join the business.

1982 Micro Platers acquires Detroit, MI R-M Jobber Klees & Moran and expands into automotive refinishes.

1983 John serves on the Bumper Recyclers of North America (BRANA) board.

1984 Micro Auto Paint & Supplies, Inc is incorporated.

1985 Micro Auto Paint & Supplies, Inc acquires R-M Jobber Dawes Paint in Detroit, MI.

1986 Micro Platers acquires Hajjar plating in Wayne, MI expanding operations to two plating facilities.

1987 Micro Paint expands opening a location in Wayne, MI.

1988 Micro Paint expands even more opening a location in Flint, MI.

1991 Micro Platers expands into manufacturing their own line of aftermarket replacement fascias following the OEM process of reaction injection molding (RIM).

1992 Micro Rim is incorporated.

1993 Micro Paint becomes a single line BASF ColorSource Jobber.

1995 Micro Platers adds to their product lines throughout the crash parts sector.

2009 Micro Platers expands online services through a very well-known third party, eBay.

2010 Kimberly was awarded the Most Influential Women in the Collision Repair Industry.

2012 Micro Paint is awarded by BASF as Distributor of the Year at the ColorSource Conference.

2016 Micro Paint expands by opening up two locations one in Grandville, MI and one in Chicago, IL.

2016 The Micro Auto Group family business experiences the devastating loss of the legend who started it all, Howard Sr passes at the age of 88.

2017 Micro Paint expands opening another location in Saginaw, MI.

2017 Micro Platers & Paint fleet now distributes throughout the entire state of Michigan.

2018 Micro Paint is awarded by BASF as Distributor of the Year at the ColorSource Conference.

2018 Micro Platers Sales, Inc was awarded their 50 Year Membership Award from the Michigan Manufacture Association.